Sunday, August 23, 2009

Week ending 08-23-09

I cut back this week, my foot had been bothering (mostly the arch and big toe), and I started back RUNNING on Saturday. It felt okay and also felt great to get that part of my life back.

M - Lunch bike 1:00, PM water run at Stiles 1:00:02
T - 4am bike 1:00, Pm water run at Stiles 1:02:07
W - Lunch bike :30, PM bike 1:15.
Th - 4am bike 1:00, Lunch bike 1:00
F - 4am bike 1:00, Lunch bike 1:00, PM Stiles water run 1:05:16
Sat - 5am water run at Hart Pond w Petey 1:33:29, 730am water run with the Quintals at Stiles 1:08:45, then right into run with Dave 26:24.
Sun - 630 am water run with Dave at Stiles 1:18:07, right into trail run 3m - 26:33


Anonymous said...

Good to see you back at it.

Anonymous said...

easy does it dave. don't be too quick back to running...being a water giraffe for a few more weeks could be good for you and also the few lake stragglers.

mquintal6 said...

Anonymous is talking sh*t. Keep running, especially on hard surfaces.

double-d said...

mq6 - I'll join you on some tough downhill running....start without me.

I'm going to ease back into it. I want to be ready in Januaray when the snowshoe season kicks into high gear.