Tuesday, August 4, 2009


The coolest thing about running in the water prior to sunrise is how clearly you can see the night sky. I’ve been watching Venus for the last couple of weeks, it is amazingly bright. Of course as always that begs the question “Can I see Uranus”, which never ceases to crack me up. Tomorrow will be a full moon which doesn’t set until 5:09am, so it might still be above the horizon when I hit the water at 4:30am. Then I’ll have darker mornings, which are creepy but give me the opportunity to stargaze.

This morning I spotted two meteoroids. I know that at various times during the year there are peak periods so today I checked out some info online. We are just about to enter the Perseid meteor showers. What I saw this morning is the leading edge of an excellent light show. The Perseid’s will peak on August 12, so if you get a chance check out the show. As a bonus, why not come run in the water with me at 4:30 AM and get a workout in at the same time?

From: Earthsky.org
August 12, 2009 Perseids

And when we say August 12, we mean that morning … not that night. These typically fast and bright meteors radiate from a point in the constellation Perseus, and, like all meteors in annual showers, they cover a large part of the sky. The Perseids are considered by many people to be the year’s best shower when the moon is out of the way during the shower’s peak. Unfortnately, this year’s moon is not totally out of the way during the Perseids. The slightly waning gibbous moon rises around midnight – just as the Perseids start to pick up steam. Nonetheless, you should be able to catch some Perseid meteors before moonrise – and even after . The Perseids tend to strengthen in number as midnight ebbs toward dawn. Although not a favorable year, these meteors are often bright and frequently leave persistent trains. What’s more, enhanced activity may be in the works, so perhaps enough brighter meteors can overcome the moonlit glare to make this year’s production worthwhile. From late night on Tuesday, August 11 till dawn on Wednsday, August 12, a decent sprinkling of Perseid meteors may adorn this summer night, despite the pesky moon. Lie back and watch meteors until dawn’s light washes the stars, moon and planets from the sky.


David Quintal said...

Nice report on the stars and meteoroids. Definitely a lot to see above the water of Stiles Pond when it is clear. Should be awesome with a full moon but I don't want to see your bony anus. Watch out for zombies as they lurk around the outer banks.

s p running said...

Cool, I'll look