Sunday, August 2, 2009


Did another long run with the Q-brothers at Stiles Pond this morning. Not quite the epic of last weekend but over 2 hours (2:06). Even prior to the beach being open, the water was full of swimmers. That can be a bit tough for us as the swimmers move a lot faster than we do and apparently that can't see us (????). I got hit by one earlier this week, but no collisions today.

I did not realize that Mike was an Ungulate, but he now has special shoes for when he runs in the water.


David Quintal said...

DD, I took my three sons over to Hedgehog Pond in Salem NH this afternoon for their first try with their Aqua Jogger, JR's. We had a lot of fun and they want to know when we are going over to Stiles! Did you get your cycling in yet? I'm getting on my bike soon.

PS Michael resembles a rhino!

mquintal6 said...

Damn, nice face I'm making. I resemble an Ungulate to the fullest.

double-d said...

DQ: With the mention of Hedge-hog that brings the "hog" mentioning total for the day to over 100.

MQ: At least Ungulates can't get a stress fracture in the hoof (actually maybe they can).

Bike 1:15 this morning, looking forward to the Monday morning water run!

mquintal6 said...

60:23 on the bike, was hauling ass sweating like a hog, I mean ungalate.

David Quintal said...

Nice work, boys!
56:20 on bike a big time sweat!
Hedgehog (now we topped 100)

Anonymous said...

DQ, you look like you're wearing the WWE World Heavyweight Championship belt.