Monday, August 31, 2009

Week ending 08-30-09

My first full week of running and I felt reasonably good. The last couple of weeks in the surgical shoe and on the bike brought back some tendonitis and plantar fascia problems. That is nothing new for me but unusual to have those problems when not running. I’m icing and stretching and taking care of them. I ended up doing a bit more running this week than I had planned, mostly due to being in North Carolina helping out at the US trail 10km championships. More on that in the next post.

Mon – Morning bike 30:00, Lunch treadmill run 3m (24:21). PM bike 1:00:00.

Tues – Lunch run with Jack 24:12, feeling good except “normal” soreness. PM bike 1:00:00

Wed – Morning bike 1:00:00, Lunch bike 30:00, PM 4+ with Dan from the Cemetery 31:01.

Thurs – 2:30am (yes 2:30am) Industrial park 3 – 25:43 then flew to Ashville, NC. PM two state high points total of just under 3m of additional running.

Fri – 6m running up/down a couple of 6,000’ peaks including 4m round trip up Mt Mitchell on a mix of trail and road. PM another 4m running mix of road and trail to get the state HP in Kentucky.

Sat – 6+ miles at the US trail 10km championships, 4m before the races then another 2+ during. PM 7+ miles on trail up/down high point in Virginia.

Sun – 4m out/back at Winni alone. 28:24. Felt very good except for plantar fascia.

Totals for the week:
42 miles running
Bike 4 hours
Bagged 6 state high points

I was definitely feeling like I had been off for 6 weeks with all of the leg soreness early in the week. My shins, hamstrings, and quads were all pretty sore on Monday and Tuesday. By the end of the week I was feeling a lot better. 42 miles was nearly twice what I planned on getting but the two really big days (10 & 13 miles) while down south accounted for the difference. I plan on hitting the same or a little less this week as I head over to Italy to manage the junior squad at the World Mountain running championships.

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