Saturday, September 19, 2009

2010 Snowshoe season

Greetings from the Ward Hill Chapter of the Bradford Historic Preservation Society on New England Snowshoe, Mountain, Track, Trail, Road, and Cross Country racing at DRC Headquarters’ or WHCBHPSNESMTTRCCRDRC for short.

I grabbed the schedule below from double-j’s blog. This looks like a great opportunity to race a lot this winter. Let’s hope there is a good amount of snow! I’m hoping to do both the WMAC series and the Granite State series this year. I’m holding out hope that the Granite state series is a “best of format” and not the all or nothing series from last year. I guess it depends on what the goal of the series is. Personally I think you get more people to a series if you don’t make it an all or nothing. I guess time will tell.

Bolded races are ones I highly recommend, some of my notes on the races included.

Sun 12/27/09 10:30A I Love Woodford 3.5M Woodford, VT – Fun loop, great way to start the season.

Sat 1/2/10 TBD Beaver Brook 5K Hollis, NH – Great location, indoor facilities?

Sun 1/3/10 10:30A North Pond 3.5M Florida, MA – I love this course, the last half is almost all downhill.

Sat 1/9/10 TBD Witch City TBD Salem, MA – What are the odds there will be snow on the ground in Salem?

Sat 1/9/10 10A Turner Trail 4.3M Pittsfield, MA – Best new race course in the WMAC series.

Sun 1/10/10 TBD Pat's Peak Relay 8K Henniker, NH – A rare opportunity to do a relay.

Sat 1/16/10 TBD Feel Good Farm 7K Lyndeborough, NH – Gotta love the “odd” distances.

Sat 1/16/10 10A Greylock Glen 3.9M Adams, MA – Classic race, spectacular view of Greylock.

Sun 1/17/10 TBD Mendon Ponds Winterfest** Mendon, NY – Where the hell is Mendon, NY? J

Sun 1/17/10 10A Brave the Blizzard 3.8M Guilderland, NY – These guys know how to put on a race.

Sat 1/23/10 TBD Pooh Hill 8.5K Madison, NH – I just like saying “pooh”.

Sat 1/23/10 10A Hoot Toot & Whistle 3.3M Readsboro, VT – Great first year race last season. Lots of prizes.

Sun 1/24/10 10A Curley's Record Run 4M Pittsfield,MA – This may be the coldest race, consistently cold.

Sat 1/30/10 11A Sidehiller** 4M Center Sandwich, NH – National qualifier, great course.

Sat 2/6/10 TBD Cobble Mountain 3.5M Gilford, NH – Sweet mix of fast running and slow climbing

Sat 2/6/10 9A Northfield Mountain 3.8M Northfield, MA – My race.

Sun 2/7/10 TBD Northern VT SS Challenge** Jeffersonville, VT – The challenge is finding Jeffersonville.

Sun 2/7/10 11A Saratoga Winterfest 5K Saratoga Springs,NY – The same course they use for XC racing.

Sat 2/13/10 TBD Horse Hill 7K Merrimack, NH – Another 7km? What are the odds of that?

Sat 2/13/10 10:30A Camp Saratoga** 8.25K Wilton, NY – Another classic.

Sun 2/14/10 TBD Frosty's Dash 5K Atkinson, NH – Fanciest location, showers after.

Sat 2/20/10 10A Hallockville Orchard 3.8M West Hawley, MA – Great course and nice facilities.
Sat 2/20/10 TBD Moonlight Madness 5K Madbury, NH – Gotta do a night race!

Sun 2/21/10 9:30A Covered Bridge 4 & 13M Adams, MA – Counts as two races if you go long.

Sat 2/27/10 TBD Joppa Hill Sprint 2.5K &5K Bedford, NH – Don’t know anything about this one.

Sat 2/27/10 10A Moody Spring 5.5M West Hawley, MA – The spring has healing properties.

Sat 3/6/2010 11:30A US National Championship 10K Syracuse, NY

Sat 3/13/10 9A Northfield States 3 - 5M Northfield, MA – My race.

Sun 3/14/10 TBD Granite State Championship TBD TBD – Every state should have a championship.

Sun 3/14/10 9:30A Hawley Kiln 5M Hawley, MA – My first SS race in 1999. Kiln has mystical properties.

Sat 3/20/10 4:30P Catamount Sunset 3M Hillsdale, NY – Brutal climb then super-fast descent.

TBD 1/?/10 10AM South Pond (TBD) 4M Florida, MA – Wasn’t held last year due to ice storm.

TBD TBD TBD Tilda Hill (Holdover Race) 3.5M Florida, MA – Ed can always find snow.


DoubleJ said...

Dave, I had updated the schedule...No Cobble Mountain this year...

double-d said...

Too bad. I like that race.