Sunday, September 27, 2009

State High Points

Just got my 21st state high point. Ran up/down Mt Marcy yesterday with Robert (Hungarian) and Eric (Morsian). Fun stuff! 2:10 up and 2:09:30 down with 16 min on the summit. 15.2 miles.

Added on some fun today with a couple of 4,000' peaks (Cascade & Porter) and a fire tower (Belfry mountain). About 7 miles total today.



Derrick said...

Nice run. Marcy is great. We come down from Ontario and run there quite a bit. Is Marcy still pretty wet on the approach?

Cascade is fun too. Not much of a warmup before starting to climb.

So many great trails and mt's in the Adk's.

double-d said...

There was only one wet area for us, but maybe it has been a dry fall. There was little or no mud. The wet section had a boardwalk but it was under water!

The steward on top of Marcy was a bit much for me. Something about the phony cheerfullness while trying to lecture us on the environment. I just walked away.