Saturday, September 26, 2009

Snowshoe predictions

Chris Dunn fired the first shot with the predictions of the top 10 for next season, double-j made his here I go. Here are my predictions on the over 40 men.

Dave Dunham (CMS Polar bears)- age 45, 11 races in WMAC series in 2008/09. Won two races out-right (Catamount & Hawley). Top 40+ finisher at all races except Turner (2nd to TiVo). Sixth place overall at USSSA national championship and 3rd 40+ finisher. Plans to race a LOT this winter but has had injury troubles (two stress fractures in 11 months).

Tim Van Orden (CMS Polar bears) – age 41, 11 races in WMAC series in 2008/09. TiVo won the Camp Saratoga race outright and was top 40+ at Turner. He was 2nd 40+ in all of his other races. A healthy and non-sleep deprived Van Orden will beat everyone. He is a strong climber (stair climbs are his specialty) and a fearless descender. Should be a great battle for first with Dunham all year.

Steve Wolfe (GCS) - age 45, 3 races in WMAC series in 2008/09 and 5 New Hampshire races. Steve was top 40+ at Pooh Hill, Horse hill finishing both in second place overall. He was also tops at Kingman farm finishing 3rd overall. It will be interesting to see how many races he does with the bigger NH series and the full calendar of WMAC/Dion races.

Ken Clark (HTC) - age 47, 15 races in WMAC series in 2008/09. Clark races all the time and is very consistent. Ken was the top 40+ at Winterfest (3rd overall) and second 40+ at Hoot Toot, Mass State champs, Blizzard, and Hallockville. Ken was the overall WMAC series champion from 1999-2001

Paul Bazanchuk (WMM) - age 54, 7 races in WMAC series in 2008/09. Paul was the 50+ champion in all of the races. He was also typically the third 40+ runner to cross the line (usually behind Dunham and Van Orden). He had many top ten (overall) finishes with a best (I think) of 5th place at the Hoot Toot race.

Ahmed Elasser - age 47, 3 races in WMAC series in 2008/09. Only ran races in NY and was second 40+ in two of the three races (behind Van Orden).

Larry Dragon - age 49, 10 races in WMAC series in 2008/09. Dragon was a top five 40+ finisher in all of his WMAC races. His best finish (I think) was 9th place overall and 3rd in the 40+ at Hallockville.

Others who very well will be in the top ten:
Peter Keeney - age 44, 2 races in WMAC series in 2008/09.
Andrew Smith - age 45, 1 race in WMAC series in 2008/09.
Chris Dunn (Acidotic)- age 40, 1 race in WMAC series in 2008/09.
Edward Alibozek (WMAC/Dion) – age 47, 15 races in the WMAC series in 2008/09.

Who knows what guys will come out of the woodwork with the Nationals in our region?
Dan Verrington (CMS Polar bears) is likely, although he only raced once last year, he has run at numerous National championships.

Teams to watch for (strong 40+ teams):
CMS Polar bears
Dungeon rock

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