Thursday, September 24, 2009

Verrington vs. Dunham - Streaks

Since someone asked....

Dan has the longest streak with 30 in a row from 2004-2006 (I broke that streak, beating him at Mt Wash) then he went on to beat me another 21 times in a row (which I again broke at Mt W).

From 1988-92 I beat Dan 19 times in a row (broken when we tied in 25:31 at Feaster five and he was given the nod), then I beat him 22 times in a row from 1992-95 (broken when neither of us wanted to win at Clarence Demar, both timed in 2:30:25).

The first time Dan "really" beat me was Rocket City 1995 (2:24:51 to 2:25:41).

Other streaks, 18 in 1996 and 20 in 1998-1999.

After 2000 we were pretty even beating each but never having a streak of more than four or five. Then Dan pretty much always beat me after 2004.

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