Thursday, September 17, 2009

Week ending 09-13-09

A decent week of training, slowly building up the mileage and also did my first race since July 12. Race report to follow, but the short of it would be it was short.

M – Spent a good chunk of the day flying home from Italy. Ran a very fast (for me) 5m at Winni – 34:13.

Tues – Lunch run 3 on treadmill – 21:05, PM Dan’s work trail 5m – 36:20.

Wed – Lunch run 3 on treadmill – 21:03, PM River 5m o/b with JJ – 35:06.

Thurs – Lunch 3 o/b with Jack – 24:12, PM Winni 5m loop with JJ, Robert, and Ken T – 35:08

Fri – Lunch 3 on treadmill – 20:50, PM Winni 5m with the same group – 35:38.

Sat – 2 w/up with big group (I turned at 1m) - 16:23, Ollie 5m (not!) race – 28:36, 2 w/down with JJ & Todd C – 16:13.

Sun – 4m on Treadmill in PA – 29:57

Total for the week = 50 miles
Next up: Another 50 mile week and the Lone Gull 10km (USATF NE championship)


Trail Pixie said...

DD, Where is the tower located that you put in this post? It resembles Ward/Holt hill? but?? Have a great Lone Gull!

double-d said...

Hi Pixie:
Yeah, all of the towers look alike. This one was on Hyland hill in Keene NH. The pic really belong with my story about the high point weekend.