Saturday, October 3, 2009


Eric's dog
Me and Robert on Belfry mountain

Me on top of Cascade
Robert, me, and Eric on Porter

This was my first full month back since the stress fracture is now in the books. I’ve now got five weeks of running behind me and starting to feel a bit more like a runner, an old broken down runner but a runner nonetheless. So far I’ve had weeks of 42, 44, 50, 61, and 67. Probably a bit too aggressive for having taken 6 weeks off, but I just love to get out there and run. My plantar fascia, which has been bothering me since early August, just doesn’t want to improve. I’m taking the next couple of weeks ‘easy’ to see if that helps. The fact that I’ve got two weeks until the Baystate marathon also plays into that decision.

Month 235
Days off = 0
Races Ollie 09-12 – 4.91 miles 28:36 99th place 19th 40+
Lone Gull 09-20 – 10 km 35:17 70th place 15th 40+

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mueblerunner said...

I recommend you buy a night splint to wear while you sleep. It keeps your foot in position throughout the night and will help with the pain of the plantar. I use one and my condition has improve. Also have been running barefoot on grass which help strenghten your feet. The little things seem to work best.