Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Week ending 10-04-09

Note my right foot really wants to turn. Ugh!

I tried to take it very easy this week and see if my plantar fascia would improve. By Wednesday it seemed to feel a bit better, but I'm guessing that is just wishful thinking (how much can a couple of easy days really help). My plan was to feel rested coming into the Topsfield XC race and put in a solid effort. I think changing jobs and shift time (and being nervous about taking on a job I knew very little about) had more of an effect on me than I would have hoped. I was definitely not feeling "rested" when I got on the line (well, 3 rows back to be truthful) at Topsfield. I was happy with the effort, beating Dave Q at Bradley Palmer for the first time since we'd dueled back in 1980 in the Northern Area Meet. It is a lot of fun to race all out and let the chips fall where they may. XC is the sport in its purest form. Too many races are put on for reasons that have very little to do with testing yourself against the competition (and against the course, AND against yourself). Thank you Tom Derderian (and the GBTC) for putting on a great event.

M - 6m o/b at the River with j-squared, 'tonian, and Bob. 47:34
T - 6m o/b at the River with the Robt. 47:00
W - 6m loop at Mine Falls, feeling very good for the first time in a while. 45:50
Th - 6m o/b at the River with Dan and JJ.
F - short 6m o/b at Winni with Dan, Robt, and dub-j.
Sat - 7++ with Petey o/b on the Freeman Rail Trail in the rain (with headlamps at 6am) - 1:00:25.
Sun - 3-- warm-up mostly with Jim P 20:57, then another 10min of jogging and strides, 8km XC race 29:17, then 2+ warm-down alone 17:15.

Keep on the single-run 6 mile per day plan and see how that goes. Probably until after Baystate (Oct. 18), or maybe until after the US trail marathon champs (Nov. 7)

Taking a hard right hand turn with 1/2 mile to go.
Pics by Tom Derderian at the Topsfield XC race.

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