Saturday, December 19, 2009

Mount Washington stats on sub-1:05 runners

I narrowed down the stats per Ben’s request and here is what I’ve come up with. (keep in mind that any of these people could have a DNF in their first effort and I would have no way of knowing that – I think that number would be very minimal). FYI: The average age at which someone ran their PR was 29.6.

Ben is correct that 1:05 is certainly rarified air; it has been broken only 101 times by a total of ONLY 37 people. Here are the stats on those who have broken 1:05

16 did not run their best time in the first time up
10 ran their best time the first time
11 ran Mt W only once

Of those that didn't run their best time the first time (16) - 12 were from New England
I think the large number from NE who did not run their best the first time may be a function of a lot of those ran MANY times. Therefore they had more opportunities to PR, and more chances to race in “ideal” conditions.

0:59:16---1999---2---Matt Carpenter---CO
0:59:58---2009---1---Rickey Gates--- CO
1:00:37---1999---3---Dave Dunham---MA
1:00:39---2008---1---Eric Blake---CT
1:00:54---2005---1---Simon Gutierrez---CO
1:01:09---1999---4---Eric Morse---VT
1:01:13---1984---1---Gary Crossan---MA
1:01:14---1987---1---Bob Hodge---MA
1:01:37---2006---2---Paul Low---MA
1:02:52---1987---2---Domingo Tibaduiza---NV
1:03:07---1985---2---Keith Woodward---VT
1:03:41---1984---2---Matthew Cull---VT
1:03:42---2005---5---Kevin Tilton---NH
1:03:49---1981---2---Mark Berman---MA
1:04:27---1981---3---Dave Ezersky---
1:04:56---1992---5---Sean Livingston---NH

Of those that did run their best time the first time (10) - 2 were from New England
3 were from CO
3 were from outside of the USA

0:56:41---2004---1---Jonathan Wyatt---NZL
0:58:21---1996---1---Daniel Kihara---KEN
0:59:17---1990---1---Derek Froude---NZL
1:01:31---2008---4---Joseph Gray---WA
1:01:53---1990---3---Scott Elliot---CO
1:02:02---2008---6---Matthew Byrne---PA
1:02:35---1993---3---Neji Meklhouf---CO
1:03:11---1986---3---Sheldon Larson---CO
1:03:20---1995---2---Craig Fram---NH
1:04:12---1979---2---Peter Pfitzinger---MA

Of the ones who only ran Mt W once (10)
3 were from New England
3 from CO
3 from outside of the USA

1:00:04---2000---2---Joseph Kibor---KEN
1:00:50---2008---2---Clint Wells---CO
1:01:42---1995---1---Gideon Mutsiya---KEN
1:02:21---2008---7---Zac Freudenburg---MO
1:03:04---1999---6---Joe Lemay---CT
1:03:09---1988---2---Jay Johnson---CO
1:03:32---1999---7---Rich Davis---CO
1:04:36---1999---8---Tom Anderson---NH
1:04:40---1998---5---Thierry Icart---FRA
1:04:49---1995---5---Eddy Hellybuyck---NM
1:04:57---1962---1---Fred Norris---

Finally, I thought this would be of interest. Here are the marathon PR’s (of the ones I could find) for the guys under 1:05 (note “?” means I couldn’t confirm this was a PR or I couldn’t’ get the exact seconds):
Bob Hodge---MA--- 2:10:59
Derek Froude---NZL--- 2:11:25
Peter Pfitzinger---MA --- 2:11:43
Eddy Hellybuyck---NM--- 2:11:50
Jonathan Wyatt---NZL--- 2:13:00
Joe Lemay---CT---2:13:55
Domingo Tibaduiza---NV--- 2:14:47
Gideon Mutsiya---KEN--- 2:14:49
Joseph Kibor---KEN--- 2:16:36 ?
Simon Gutierrez---CO--- 2:18:36
Matt Carpenter---CO--- 2:19:00 ?
Fred Norris--- ---2:19:08
Dave Dunham---MA---2:19:28
Eric Blake--- CT ---2:21:24
Zac Freudenburg---MO--- 2:21:40
Matthew Byrne---PA--- 2:21:42 ?
Jay Johnson--- CO---2:22:00 ?
Craig Fram--- NH ---2:22:58 ?
Neji Meklhouf ---CO--- 2:23:05 ?
Clint Wells--- CO ---2:28:36 ?
Eric Morse--- VT ---2:30:08
Dave Ezersky------2:30:45 ?
Kevin Tilton --- NH --- 2:41:32

I'm not sure what any of this really tells you.  To me it says that it is pretty hard to run under 1:05 (only 37 have done it).  Can/will some good guys run from New England and kick some serious @$$?  I hope so!  I hope that the teams come out in full force.  CMS has won the team championship many times, and really some of that is "just showing up".  BAA came out in force a couple of years ago and showed they are solid mountain runners.  Whirlaway has also started taking the race seriously.  Anyway, I'd love to see guys like Tarpy, Jenkins, and both Moulton's (I wonder what the best combined time is for brothers?, maybe the Livingston's? If Patrick and Casey run, I'll start a new category on the Mt W records website) come and show up some of the Non-New England types.  Many years ago I was asked about Colorado vs. New England at Mt Washington and I answered "I'm not saying we're tougher in New England BUT...."


DoubleJ said...

DD..I already started a comprehensive list of marathon times of the top guys... some corrections to your list:

Makhlouf: 2:17:05
Tibaduiza: 2:11:21
Lemay: 2:13:22
Kibor: 2:15:35

Mike Sayenko just missed in 2008: 1:05:04 and has a 2:16:38 marathon PR.

Good stuff....

Nick said...

I'm guessing the Erholtz, Gates sweep must have stung a bit this year ;-)

Nice work on those stats BTW - interesting stuff.

GZ said...

Well, I can't say much about Colorado vs. New England since I stunk up the place last year but ...

Chatterin' here to bring a Masters team. Gutierrez, Ames, Pliska and then I going to try to drag some road racers ...

Agree - good stuff.

DoubleJ said...

GZ, I've never heard of any of those guys. ;) jk...

GZ said...

Kids these days ...

Ben Nephew said...

So, if we are talking about NE guys, over 50 years 5 guys have run sub 1:05 on their first try, and their names are Fram Pfitzinger, Lemay, Anderson, and Norris. I have a feeling that even if guys run sub 1:05, they may be in the third pack for 2010.

Any word on foreign runners coming over? If they could get Wyatt and Jornet, I might try to get a ride in the press truck!

Nice work, Dave.

paulo said...

DD, I have run a (smokin') 2:26:11. Also, I though that Gidyon was a 2:11 guy. What about Kihara- he has got to have the top 'thon PR on the sub-65 list, no?

paulo said...

DD, I have run a (smokin') 2:26:11. Also, I though that Gidyon was a 2:11 guy. What about Kihara- he has got to have the top 'thon PR on the sub-65 list, no?

double-d said...

Thanks for marathon PRs. I did a rudimentary (SP?) search.

Ben: More than 5 guys have run sub 1:05 on their first try, it just may not be their PR. Example: My PR is from 1999 but I ran under 1:05 my first time up.

Paulo: Was that a trail marathon? :-)