Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Open snowshoe rankings

Chris Dunn started his rankings this week.  He has a formula to work out who are the top snowshoe runners.  I don't use a formula but try to predict who would beat who were they all to meet in one race. 

Open SS rankings – Through 01-24-10 (two or more finishes)
1. Jim Johnson – Seven 1st place finishes – This weekend two 1st.
2. Kevin Tilton – one 1st place finish, one 4th place – This weekend one 4th.
3. Josh Ferenc – one 1st, and one 7th – This weekend one 1st.
4. Ben Nephew – one 1st, one 2nd, one 3rd, and one 5th place finish – This weekend one 2nd.
5. Tim Van Orden – three 2nd, one 3rd, and two 4th place finishes – this weekend two 2nd.
6. Geoff Cunningham – two 2nd place finishes – This weekend idle.
7. Robert Jackman – two 3rd – This weekend one 3rd.
8. Charles Theriault – one 3rd and one 4th place finish – This weekend idle.
9. Tim Cox – one 2nd place finish and one 7th – This weekend one 7th.
10. Dave Dunham – one 3rd, three 4th, and one 5th – This weekend idle.

Definitely top 10 material but haven’t raced enough…
Mark Miller – one second place finish
Greg Hammett – one third place finish
Corey Watts – one second place finish

Rankings via Acidotic
1. Jim Johnson
2. Ben Nephew
3. Tim Van Orden
4. Robert Jackman
5. Dave Dunham
6. Tim Mahoney
7. Paul Bazanchuk
8. Jim Pawlicki
9. Chris J. Dunn
10. Matt Westerlund

Red = in my top 10 as well

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