Monday, February 15, 2010

Week ending 02-14-10

Started the week worried about a stress fracture, ended it knowing I had tendonitis.

M - o/b 4 from Lowell General after injection 29:00.  PM Ind Pk 6 with Dan 44:38
T - o/b 3 at lunch 20:21.  PM - Ind Park 6 with Dan 44:18
W - o/b 3 at lunch 20:25.  PM Ind pk 6 with Dan and JJ 44:10 (got results, time to back off and get foot better).
Th - o/b 3 plus Veterans park 2 - 33:18
F - Lunch park loops 4m - 27:27
Sat - Bradford 6km race - ugly
Sun - 2.5 road run (class 4 road) then up/down Gile mountain with Eric - 39:57 total

Week - 49
Month - 115
Year - 355
Life - 107,726


Dave H said...

Dave, How do you know if you have Tendonitis? I have swelling in the tendon that runs from the ankle to the middle of my foot. It feels like a creaky door when I flex it. I only ask because you seem like an expert on foot problems (ha,ha) I am not sure if it is something to be real cautious about.

double-d said...

My tendons on the top of my foot and around my ankle (and up my shin) are all very sore.

Creaky door is a sign of fluid in the tendon sheat. That is called
Tenosynovitis. That is not a good thing.