Monday, February 22, 2010

Week Ending 02-21-10

By Tuesday I knew there was no way I could continue running.  My foot was just killing me the entire 3 miles.  It was bad enough that I was sick to my stomach (on 1-10 that only means 9, 10 is when I pass out).  So now I'm off for two weeks...minimum. 

M - Bike 30min AM, 4m run in 32:34, Bike 30min PM
T - Bike 30min AM, 3m lunch run 21:59, Bike 60min PM
W - Bike 60min AM, PT in the afternoon
Th - Bike 30min AM, Bike 60min PM
F - Bike 60min AM, PT then bike 30min PM
Sat - Bike 60min AM & Row 10min, Bike 60min PM & Row 10 min
Sun - Bike 90min AM & Row 10min, Bike 30min PM & Row 10 min

7 miles run
Bike - 10.5 hours
Row - 40min

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