Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Course records still out there

I have three course records, set in April long gone by, two could be broken this year.

The oldest is the Leatherman’s 10km trail race that could reach 17 years on 04-25. I ran a 36:52 back in 1993 and it has stood since then. This year will be the 24th annual running of this race that features a couple of waist deep stream crossings and a huge sand hill.

The Red Shoe Barn 5m is the next oldest, it could reach 14 years on April 14. I ran 24:12.01 in 1996. Dan finished 2nd that year in 24:37, Mike O’Brien was 3rd in 24:47, Eric Beauchesne finished 4h in 24:57 and Byrne Decker ran 25:09 that day. This year will be the 29th annual.

The Chicago Lakefront 50k record reached nine years (today). I set the course record of 2:57:36 in 2001. This year was the 11th annual, and it was won in 3:39.


mueblerunner said...

Cool. Where was the picture from? I am guessing Red's.

michaelconnor said...

Double D!

Congrats on all your success. Just got "Only One Hill!" in the mail today. Peaked at some of it ... amazing race, amazing book by an AMAZING runner. Heal your heal and get the hell back out there! Good luck with it. Can't wait to see you back out there where you belong soon!

Michael C in NYC