Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Snowshoe rankings

1. Jim Johnson (CMS) – Ran the third fastest time ever at Northern Nipmuck 16 mile trail race (more like 30km trail race), and the course was not in "fast" shape.

2. Kevin Tilton (CMS) – Did not race.  Saving it for the Merrimack River?  Kevin has one of the longest winning streaks in WMAC snowshoe racing.  He did not lose a WMAC race between 2007-2010.

3. Ben Nephew (CMS) – Ran a very fast 2:02 at Northern Nipmuck which equals a sub 60 effort at the OLD 7 mile version of the Hawley Kiln Snowshoe race.

4. Geoff Cunningham (Acidotic) – Did not race.

5 Tim Van Orden (above)  (CMS) – Ran 16:12 at the SEA 5km road race (top master).  That equals a masters CR at the Mass State champs at Northfield.  Creeping up on Geoff Cunningham in the rankings.

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