Friday, April 2, 2010

Snowshoe rankings

1. Jim Johnson (CMS) – His sub 2:00 run at the Eastern States 20m is equal to a sub-19:00 5km on snowshoes or a top 2 placing at Sidehiller.  That moves him up to #1.

2. Kevin Tilton (CMS) – Kevin loses a spot in the rankings for twisting his ankle (again).  He may lose another spot if he doesn't learn to wear socks when racing a half-marathon.

3. Geoff Cunningham (Acidotic) –  Almost dropped him to 4th but he asked me about the Mt Washington lottery.  Entering the lottery is equal to a top 30 finish at snowshoe nationals.  Getting in via the lottery is equal to a top 25 at nationals.  Getting in via a lottery by-pass is work top 20 and getting an invitation to race at Mt W = top 10.

4. Ben Nephew (CMS) – Training for the Merrimack River Trail race?

5 Tim Van Orden (CMS) – Ran up some stairs in Seattle.  Top ranked Raw food snowshoe racer.  Winning a stair climb = top 25 at nationals.  Having the $$$ to enter a stair climb is worth a top 15.

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