Friday, May 14, 2010

Possible Course Change at Northfield Mountain

I just spoke to my contact at Northfield. They had to drain the reservoir and due to some error they messed up the outflow pipes. This means that dump trucks are currently running up/down the road (at high speeds) 7 days per week until they fix the outflow pipes. There is a possibility that they will be finished by next weekend but not 100%. I'm going to work out a new course that would be run entirely on the south side of the mountain. We can cross the road high up, which means we can go to the summit but can't cross lower down. The major change (besides moving the course) would be that I may not be able to have a water-stop on the summit. A couple of things work in our favor if this happens. 1. Three weeks earlier in the season than previous years, so may be cooler. 2. Somewhat shorter course if we run on the south side.

I encouraging people to carry their own water due to unforseen construction at the mountain if you are not comfortable running 10K without water.

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