Sunday, June 20, 2010

Hot and vigorous

50th Mt Washington

When I decided to get the Topaz treatment on my foot, I was pretty sure it would mean I could not run Mt Washington.  I worked hard during the down time and tested the plantar fascia each week as I slowly came back.  My weeks leading up to the race were the lowest mileage weeks I've ever heading heading into what is usually my biggest race of the year.

I eventually realized that I might be able to run in the range of 1:13 to 1:16 based on my results in road races and the lack of training I'd had.  My mileage was as follows - five weeks of Zero, then 30, 47, 60, 67, and 76.  Not exactly optimal.

I wrote up splits for a 1:12:30 calling that my "stretch goal", figuring in perfect conditions with a perfect day I might be able to do that.  Splits versus actual below (and differential).

7:15 -- 7:12 (-3)
8:59 -- 8:49 (-10)
9:25 -- 9:25 (--)
8:41-- 8:39 (-2)
:54 ---:57 (+3)
10:20 -- 10:12 (-8)
10:11 -- 10:02 (-9)
10:13 -- 10:03 (-10)
6:32 -- 6:40 (+8)

I got 1:11:59 on my watch which I stopped AFTER passing both mats.  I guess I should have started on the start line instead of four rows back.  Oh, well.  My goal was to score for the CMS 40+ team and I very nearly scored for the Open team!  I believe that the second place woman, Patrick Rich and Andy McCarron were the only people who passed me during the race.  Patrick blew by me early but I almost got him near the very top.  Andy and I had a good battle back 'n forth (that reminded me of battling Ben Nephew a few years ago).  That kept me pushing over the last 3 miles.  I think we passed each other at least five times after the half.

I found it hard to believe that I got second place in the US championship (in the masters).  It looks like I had a good day.  I'm looking forward to testing the plantar fascia on the ups/downs at Cranmore (USATF NE championship) next week.

Congratulations to everyone who took on the Mountain for the 50th.


Derrick said...

Congrats Dave! Great to see you bounce back and have such a strong race following the surgery.

KG said...

you're an absolute monster on that hill. great race w/ limited training going into it. wow. 2nd place master in a national championship. congrats--big time.

double-d said...

Thanks guys! Major surprise....I guess the biking really helps.