Sunday, June 27, 2010

Maudslay XC 3 mile

I hit the dirt/grass/wood chip trails of Maudslay on Thursday hoping to get in a late week race and see how my turn-over was after Mt Washington.  I thought maybe Dan might show up to give me a challenge, but he was racing elsewhere.

I headed out at 5PM for a warm-up loop on my own (24+min) then checked to see if anyone showed for another warm-up at 5:30.  I was on my own so headed out again, this time with a hat - the bugs were brutal.  Second loop was a little faster right around 24 flat.  I felt decent but the heat and high humidity were also kicking me.

Chris Kealey showed up just before the start and my thoughts of a win slipped away.  20+ lined up and headed out for the 3m loop or the kids 1.5.  Chris took off like a shot and I tried to go with him.  By the mile (no miles marked but a decent guess) he was up by 5 seconds, by 2 it was 10 seconds by the bridge with 1/2 mile to go it was over 15 seconds and then he took off. 

I ended up taking 2nd in 17:58 with Chris about 30 seconds ahead.  My goal of 17:15-17:30 was nowhere close to happening, but I gave it my all. 

I can only hope this doesn't indicate how I'll do this weekend at Cranmore!

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