Monday, July 26, 2010

Plantar Fascia update

After two hours on the bike and 80 minutes of water running (with DQ), I headed to New England Foot and ankle (my podiatrist).  They do a great job and are very sports minded.  I discussed with Dr. G what had happened and before I could even mention my racing schedule she asked "What is the next thing you need to be ready for".  Perfect question.  This weekend I'm hitting the high points in MI, MN, WI and the following weekend is the Mt Ashland Hill Climb.  Both I'd planned for quite a while and both I'm going to even if I couldn't run (paid for, gotta go).

After many questions about my training, racing, and how the PF has been feeling the prognosis is that I probably have a small tear.  It is right in the region from before, but the sudden onset probably means a tear of some kind.  Definitely not a complete tear or anything quite that extensive.  There is an outside chance that I've just reaggrivated it and anti-inflams and ice/rest will get me back running.  So the plan included a cortisone shot (done), back in the boot (done), and the ice/rest route.  The rest of the plan is to start easy running in a couple of days and try and do the minimum so that I can at least hit the starting line at Ashland.

Nothing to do now but give it a go and see what happens.

Action Dave (AD) visits the Doctor

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Action Dave needs some steroids or some smaller furniture!