Thursday, August 5, 2010

Week ending 08-01-10

Started the week with a cortisone shot and ended the week watching the Twins beat the Cleveland Indians. A full week!

M – AM Bike 1 hour, AM water run 1:20 with DQ, AM Bike 1 hour, AM Cortisone shot and back in the boot.

T – AM Bike 1 hour, PM Bike 1 hour

W – AM Bike 1 hour, PM 3+ run – 26:49. Testing out the foot for the trip.

Th – Flew from VT to MN. 5m run at WI state High Point – 42:11 and later in the day a 3m run at a Firetower/County High Point – 24:11.

F – AM 5m run to the 2nd highest point in Michigan – 50:04. Later AM 2m run to the State High Point in MI – 19:57. PM 1m at the County High Point in the Porcupine Mountains – 10:51

S – AM 2m run at a County High Point in MN – 19:21. PM 7+m run to the MN State High Point (Eagle Mountain) – 1:23:19.

S – AM short 7m run in Cromwell MN from a firetower to the County High Point – 56:04

Totals for the week
Bike – 5 hours
Water run – 1:20
Run – 36 miles

State high points #29, 30, and 31…only 19 to go (not really, I’ll never climb Denali)
At the MN high point


DoubleJ said...

' I’ll never climb Denali '

.... not with that attitude you won't... or, is that 'altitude'... either way...

double-d said...

I'm in a state of Dsylexic Denial (Denali)