Monday, August 9, 2010

Week ending 08-08-10

Week ending 08-08-10
Started feeling pretty good but maybe ran to hard on the Plantar Fascia. Made it through the mountain race in pretty decent shape.

M – Winni 5 32:14 felt great except foot

T – AM Bike 1 hour, PM Winni 5 31:10 felt great except foot even worse

W – AM Bike 1 hour, PM Musquash swamp run 46:29

Th – AM Bike 1 hour, PM Winni 5 – 35:02 felt a bit better

F – 2:30 AM Bike 1 hour, flight to Oregon, PM 4m o/b on Bike Path in Ashland with Richard 32:33

Sat – 1.6 warm-up 13:57, 13.4 Mountain race up Mt Ashland 1:58:05, 5th place, 2nd 40+

The final 1,000+ feet of climb
Sun – 7am 4m o/b on bike Path with Richard 31:35

43 miles running
Bike 4 hours

Looking ahead:
Plan is to stay in the boot when not running and stay at 4-5 miles per day for 3 weeks while getting PT and continuing with cross-training. Only 6 weeks until the Mt Whitney trip, so I have to tread carefully!

Richard Bolt approaching the final steep part

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