Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Lyon mountain

Lyon Mountain – 3,820’
Clinton NY COHP

The “new” trail is substantially longer than the old one. It looks like the old trail has been disused for a while, the new trail is much nicer (less rocky) and for the most part very run-able. The first .2 is on the old trail, then you take a sharp left onto the new trail, the last .3 or so is back on the old trail. I had the mountain to myself and took it cautiously on the wet rock on the upper part. I hit the top in 50:47, and then checked out the (open) firetower and 5:44 later was on my way back down. I went very carefully on the way down mostly to make it down safely but also to save my quads for more peak bagging. I was down in 49:16 for a total of 1:45:48 for the 6.8 mile round trip run.


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