Monday, September 20, 2010

Week Ending 09-19-10

Met my major goals which were to not get hurt hiking/running on the peaks in NV, CA, and AZ.  Although my running total was low, I had a lot of time on my feet with the hikes.  My foot is sore, but so far it is manageable.  I’d started planning this trip last December, so it is great that it is now in the books and all went well.

M – 6am 5m run in London then flight home.  PM Winni 5 with Tivo.

T – AM 5m Winni loop.  Early PM same loop.

W – 6am flight to Las Vegas then 4 hour drive to Tonopah, NV.  7m run up/down Brock Mountain (7,100’) with Eric, Dan, Robert, and Rod. 56:59
Sunset in Tonopah

Th – Met Doug at the road to Boundary peak then all of us hiked to the summit (13,140’), about 11 miles of hiking and 8+ of running including 6+ out to the highway on the access road (with Eric & Rod) 57:21
On the summit of Boundary

F – Added Richard to the crew and we hiked Mt Whitney (14,495’).  Nearly 21 miles and just under 11 hours of hiking including running the last 5+ in 1:20:43.
On the 97 switchbacks at Whitney

Sat – Noon arrival in Flagstaff for hike of Humphreys Peak (12,633’).  A little running on the climb mixed in with some very quick hiking.  Ran almost all of the descent.  Total time 3:46
Nearing the top of Humphreys

Sun -  9am (80+ degrees) run in Las Vegas with Dan.  Out/Back 8m on nice flat ground.

Totals for the week
Run – 54 miles
Hike – 43 miles
Climb/descend – 14,053’
Drive – 1,300
Time zone changes - 10

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