Sunday, October 10, 2010

Billerica High School Hall of Fame

I got the opportunity to catch up with a few high school teammates at today's hall of fame induction ceremony.  It was great to see John (1981) and Jim Dangora (1982) both get inducted this year.  John pushed me both literally and figuratively during my sophmore and junior was a hoot to see him again after 30 years.  Kevin Curtin (1981) and I were inducted a few years back.  Kevin coaches for New Balance Boston.
Kevin Curtin, John Dangora, Jim Dangora, and dd


mueblerunner said...

That is one hellluva 4 x 1 mile. Looks like you kept the black/red theme all day.

mquintal6 said...

my neck hurts from looking at it.

Tom Neylon said...


Wow. Great to see a photo of of your great Billerica team after all these years. You guys always had a a fantastic team and it was an honor to compete against you in the 1980s

Seems like yesterday! Looks like everyone is doing well

Tom Neylon - Lowell HS 1981

double-d said...

Wow! Long time Tom. How are you doing? I remember the picture of you and Carl Borgeson shaking hands (one of you was on the ground) after an XC race. One of my favorite HS pics....maybe I saw it a a Lowell sun banquet?

Tom neylon said...


You have a great memory. That was me on the ground - I actually won the race but was wiped out. Later that year you ran me into the ground at Shedd Park. - tough race. It may have been one of your first big wins as I think you were a sophomore or Junior. I could tell then that you were going to be a great runner. You have really done well.

Life is good. Living in Long Island NY with my wife and 2 kids. Having fun and running a little bit.

Your blog is great - brings back a lot of fantastic memories. Keep running