Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Great Island 5km

It's been a few years since I've raced in New Castle and I was glad it fit the schedule this year.  I really wanted to break 17 this weekend, figuring after a couple of upcoming marathons I won't be up for any "fast" stuff.

I met up with DQ, Dan, and Bob W and we headed out for a warm-up on the course.  I forgot how many turns and rolling little hills the island had.  We also had a fair amount of wind, especially along the water...as always it seemed like there never was a tail-wind.

I felt lousy warming up but not too bad doing strides before the start.  My original plan was to go out in 5:20 or so and hopefully hold on to Dan and Dave.  Dan is a notorious slow starter so I figured he'd go by at about 1/2 mile and I'd try to go with him.  My hope was that both of them would drag me along to a 16-something. 

At the gun Dave was out fast and almost led to the first turn, Dan was close behind him and I was already struggling to hang on.  It took me about 400m to get by the first lady and I slowly reeled in Dave to settle in at 9th place.  We exchanged places back and forth with Connolly (Plaistow) for the first two miles.  I hit the mile in 5:20 and it seemed on the downhills I'd move ahead and on the ups one or both of them would go by.  Dave led us through 2 miles in 11:02 (5:42) and threw a bunch of surges, each time pulling away and we'd reel him back in.  With about 1/2 mile to go he took off, Connolly followed and I just tried to hang on.

With about 400m to go I was passed by McNeil (Barrington) who continued by me and moved up to take 7th, just edging Dave.  I went through 3m in 16:36 (5:34) and kicked as hard as I could (partly because I heard Andy calling the first woman's name) running a 33 plus for the last .109 (certified).

Not quite what I hoped for but the hardest I've run in a while.  Now I need someone to explain to me how the ENTIRE FIELD has a gun time and net time that are at least 1 second apart.  How can people on the line take over 1 second to cross the line??????

17th Annual Great Island 5K

October 10, 2010 New Castle, NH
1 1/123 M3039 Bob Wiles 33 M 5 Kittery ME 15:06.95 4:53 15:08.08
2 1/57 M2029 Robert Gomez 27 M 1014 Saco ME 15:09.75 4:54 15:10.92
3 2/57 M2029 Wesley Dinnan 23 M 1303 Newmarket NH 15:29.60 5:00 15:30.63
4 3/57 M2029 Erik Travis 26 M 688 Lee NH 16:35.03 5:21 16:36.53
5 1/127 M4049 Daniel Verrington 48 M 6 Bradford MA 16:44.77 5:25 16:46.34
6 4/57 M2029 Scott Proulx 27 M 953 Northborough MA 16:48.89 5:26 16:50.00
7 5/57 M2029 Peter McNeil 26 M 870 Barrington NH 17:02.51 5:30 17:04.69
8 2/127 M4049 Dave Quintal 47 M 1279 Salem NH 17:04.86 5:31 17:05.97
9 6/57 M2029 Donny Connolly 22 M 1188 Plaistow NH 17:05.98 5:31 17:07.11
10 3/127 M4049 Dave Dunham 46 M 3 Bradford MA 17:08.13 5:32 17:09.52
11 1/182 F3039 Salome Kosgei 30 F 2 Hollow NY 17:10.71 5:33 17:12.49


Wilesthing said...

Dave, I counted at least 27 legitimate turns, plus a few other curves and bends. It does make the time go by quickly with the lack of a long straight section, but not ideal for a super time. Also, I wonder if we all started at the wrong mat? We were all behind the first mat, which was 5 meters back from the other one. Maybe the mats were backwards?

double-d said...

I hope you were counting AFTER the race not during :-)

Congrats on a solid "W".

I'm going to ask Dave Camire, I'll see him tomorrow. The only other thing I can think of is that there was a lag between when Andy said "Go" and Dave triggered the start button (actually Dave would have had to be early). Weird.