Thursday, October 7, 2010

Old course records

I have four CR’s that still exist at races held in October. Two have already held up. The Hollis Applefest CR of 1:06:07 is now 18 years old (yikes!), it was definitely a tough year to break the record as it got into the 80’s on race day. One of my newer CR’s held up at Stark Mountain. No one came within five minutes of my time from 2007. I think Morse (injured) or Tim Van Orden (running the 5km National champs – 15:48) could have given it a good shot this year, although I hear it was pretty wet on the course. The other two races will be held later this month. The White Mountain Milers ½ marathon celebrates the 25th running this year and my CR was set 21 years ago. At 1:05:43 I think it’d be tough to get someone fast up there to break it with a $42 entry fee and no prize money. Guys who are good enough to run under 1:06 rarely do it in a race where they wouldn’t get significant cash. The final October CR is the Gravy race 10k in Canton. The talent to break 30:12 certainly exists in New England, but with no money it would be unusual for that time to get beaten. Time will tell!

10-15-89 WMM ½ marathon N Conway, NH - 1:05:43, 25th annual in 2010

10-27-91 Gravy race 10km Canton, MA - 30:12, 22nd annual in 2010

10-10-92 Applefest ½ marathon Hollis, NH - 1:06:07, 28th annual in 2010

10-06-07 Stark Mountain hill climb Fayston, VT- 23:50, 12th annual in 10


Joe said...

You left off your Lynn Woods course records. I think the 12:05 will never be touched.

s p running said...

Love the RAT write-up & photo! HAHAHA, "Damn alien"

double-d said...

Only October CR's here. I've got about a dozen CR's still out there but they are from other months.

Really gonna miss the Rat and his sense of humor.