Monday, October 4, 2010

Week Ending 10-03-10

I finally got my illness diagnosed (sinus infection) and started on some anti-biotics. Hopefully it will clear up quickly and I’ll start to feel better. I decided that racing wouldn’t be a good idea this week, but did run my first orienteering meet in two years. Another “okay” week, but only a couple of weeks to Baystate and only five weeks until the trail marathon championships.

M - Lunch 3 in 21:15, PM Winni 5 in 33:28 (pushing it a bit)

T – 430am Industrial Park 5 in 36:45, Lunch 3 in 20:32.

W – 430am Industrial Park 5 in 36:14, Lunch 3 in 20:13, PM 5+ at Nashua in 35:14

Th – 430am Industrial Park 5 in 35:44, Lunch 3 in 19:46 (40+ PR?), PM 3 @ Pinnacle PT in 21:17

F – Lunch 3 in 20:59, PM Winni 5 with Doug in 37:09

Sat – Nice enjoyable 5m in 38:45, 2 warm-up, 2 warm-down, and 4+ Orienteering in Waltham.

Sun – 6:20 am 8 miles on the Bruce Freeman bike path, Petey biked with me in 1:00:58

Week = 70
Month (Sept. 301) = 30
Year = 1,909
Life = 109,280

Next up: Still haven’t figured out where (if at all) I’ll race this weekend. Planning on doing my first track workout in a long time, by jumping in for the final workout at the Gate City Striders on 10-13. It is my favorite pre-marathon workout. 400m/mile/400m with the 400’s “easy” and the mile “all-out”.

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