Saturday, January 15, 2011

South Pond Shuffle - 2003

JJ sent me this picture on Friday, checking my ability to remember past races.  I did a little research and guessed that it was from 2003 (because of the Cresent Moon Snowshoes on Paul Low #433).  I incorrectly guessed that it was from the Saratoga Spa race. 

This was just before the start of the South Pond Shuffle in 2003 which I ended up winning.  Today I'll settle for just being able to go out and run.

01 Dave Dunham 38 38:49
02 Leigh Schmitt 30 39:22
03 Paul Low 29 40:49
04 Richard Bolt 32 41:49
05 Ken Clark 40 43:33

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Anonymous said...

can you see how I was misled into thinking you were going to run? Glad you were smaht! Hope back stays aok.