Saturday, January 1, 2011

Wicked Frosty Four

This was the second year in a row that I kicked things off with the Wicked Frosty Four in Salem, MA.

Action Dave  (above in the snowbank) and I got there early and took time to get some pictures with Miles Fartlek, the Wicked RC mascot.

Miles is hard to see, he is a black cat in a red shirt
I warmed up on the course, checking out the final 1.5 miles.  That gives me a better feel for the last part of the race.  Conditions were pretty near ideal with temps in the upper 40s, no wind and partly cloudy skies.

It looked like a record field (449 last year) lined up for the start on the cobblestones.  I set up in the middle of the road and shook hands with Alex Gomes (runner up from last year - 21:40) a Junior at Salem State.  I felt pretty good warming up and as we headed out it was just me and Alex by the first turn.  We hit the mile in 5:25 which was a couple of seconds slower than last year.  I felt pretty decent and worked hard on the slightly uphill section at 1.5, for a moment Alex fell back but then powered by.  I was still with him at 2m (10:57/5:32) but right after 2 I began to fall off.  This put me 6 seconds behind last years split at 2. 

Pic by Krissy K
Alex slowly pulled away, and especially moved on the slight downhill into 3m.  I hit 3m in 16:33 (5:36).  I hadn't given up and this split was 11 seconds faster than what I ran last year.  I knew I had a shot at a 40+ PR and I kept working.  I crossed the line in second place in 22:07 (5:34) which put me 15 seconds up on last years time and one place better.  Alex cruised to victory at about 21:30, just off Mike Quintal's record from last year.

The gloves are off!
It was a pretty good start to the new year.  Icing my ankles and hoping tomorrow will be a decent day.

40+ 4 mile times
04-03-05 Amesbury Winners Circle = 23:00 PR
07-21-06  Sapeniza = 22:20 PR
01-01-10 Frosty Four = 22:22
01-01-11 Frosty Four = 22:07 PR

Link to great pictures by Krissy:


Jason Bui said...

Nice run and congrats, Dave! Looking forward to seeing you and AD in 2011!

mueblerunner said...

nice race DD

mquintal6 said...

My record stands for 1 more year!! Seriously, nice race Dave, a new pr!

Anonymous said...

DD - Nice race but the pressure is on to get a win in 2011...364 more days....may the force be with you!