Saturday, March 26, 2011

March 1991

1991 was a good year for me; I ran and won a lot of races.  In March I raced three times and won twice.  I started off out-kicking Bob Hodge at the Hynes tavern race in Lowell, taking the win in 24:52 three seconds ahead of Hodgie.  750 turned out that day.

A week later I ran the New Bedford half-marathon (one of the ten times I’ve run it) and finished 5th in 1:06:06.  I was running for GLRR at the time and we lost to CMS 5:37 to 5:40.  That is some fast team times, we averaged 1:08 for 5 guys and still lost! 

My final race of the month was a four mile in Salisbury.  I took first on a kick taking Buddy Bostik in the last ¼ mile 19:09 to 19:11.  Mike O’Brien was third in 19:14 and Dan took fourth in 19:43.  The Winners Circle race attracted over 600 despite wind and snow. 

I guess the days of 600 to 750 runner fields are over for the "small local race"...

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KG said...

I enjoy these peaks back in time. Keep posting them.