Saturday, March 12, 2011

More WMAC stats

Some stats which I will update after the final race...
1612 total finishers for the first 17 races this year, breaks the record of 1412 finishers in 2009.  The average field has been 96 runners!

Of the total here is the breakdown of how many runners did multiple races (487 did one race):

128 did two races
31 did three
23 did four
15 did five
13 did six (Minimum to score)
11 did seven
8 did eight
15 did nine
5 did ten

4 did eleven – Edward Alibozek, Ed Alibozek Jr., Jamie Coyne, and Brian Northan
1 did twelve – Tim Mahoney
2 did thirteen – Laura Clark & Jessica Hageman
5 did fourteen – Jamie Howard, Bob Massaro, Richard Teal, Tim Van Orden, and Sweep Voll
2 did sixteen – Ken Clark & Mike Lahey
1 did all seventeen – Laurel (streak) Shortell

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