Tuesday, April 26, 2011


I’ve only run a few 10km’s since turning 40.  It isn’t easy these days to find a 10km race!  It seems like everything is either a 5km or a half-marathon, not much in between.  I’m aiming for a 40+ personal best this weekend at the James Joyce Ramble.  I’ll be disappointed if I don’t break 35:00 and my stretch goal is to break 34:30.

Here are my 10km’s over the last 7 years, only two of them were “flat” two were mountain type races and BOF runs about a minute slower than a normal 10km due to the big climb.

 Date                                        Time     Pl         40+ Pl   Name
05/12/07 Ripton, VT                39:05   2          1           Green Mtn Hill Climb
05/03/08 Riptonm, VT              39:20   3          1           Green Mountain Hill Climb
08/09/08 Shelburne, MA         36:05   59        9          Bridge of Flowers (USATF GP)
01/01/08 Salisbury, MA      35:04  11     3       Hangover Classic
09/20/09 Gloucester, MA        35:17    70        15         Lone Gull - USATF NE

Kicking it in for a win at James Joyce.  Note the classy "Rat" shirt.

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