Saturday, April 2, 2011


Dan and I hit the track again on Thursday (he is doing workouts on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday).  There were a lot of kids on the track with PA in full swing for spring track.  I spoke with the coach and asked for permission to use the track.  He remembered us from the last few years and said "be careful" and thanked us for asking in advance.
I felt a lot better than last week and I think the conditions were a bit better as well.  We did 2 miles to the track then another mile with strides to loosen up.  The workout was 6x400, aiming for 78's, with 400 rest.  We alternated the lead with Dan in front on 1,3,5 and me leading the even ones.  Except for the 3rd one we had no problems with anyone getting in the way (on the third one Dan almost bowled over one kid who jumped into lane 1 instead of going to an outside lane).

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