Friday, May 13, 2011


After skipping a week on the track it was time to get back to it this week.  My ankle is still a bit hinky but I'm not racing this weekend so it's probably a good idea to get out there and get some good leg turnover.  I met up with Dan at his work and we ran over to Phillips Academy (a little over 2 miles) and met up with Craig Fram.  We did our normal 1 mile warm-up on the track including a lap running the turns fast and a lap running the straights fast.  Then into the workout which was 3 times 1,000 meters at 5km race pace.  My goal was to hit each 400 as close to 80 seconds as possible (that comes out to 16:40 for 5km).  We decided to each lead for the entire Kilometer rather than alternate the lead during each one.  Dan set off on the first one and was very consistent hitting a very even pace for the 2.5 laps.  We did a 600 (1.5 lap) rest.  I took the lead on the second one but somehow messed up my watch and ended going out a bit too slowly (82 or so at 400), I picked up the pace over the last 600 and brought us in on schedule.  The recovery went pretty quickly (we could do this on 400 rest, but that isn't the "plan") and Craig set off leading the final one.  It seemed a little quick but nothing outrageous, Craig was also very consistent and evenly paced but a little bit quicker than goal pace.  We finished up with an easy 1.5 laps and then ran back to Dan's work.  All in all the workout went quite well.  I felt pretty good although the thought of running 5 consecutive Kilometers at a slightly faster pace in less than a month seems a daunting task.  A lot can happen in a month!  :-)
3x1km with 600 rest

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