Wednesday, May 18, 2011

USATF NE 10,000 meters - Track championships!

USATF New England Outdoor Track Championships

A few weeks ago I was looking through the calendar trying to figure out what race to run on the weekend of June 11/12 when I came across the USATF NE track championships.  Earlier this spring I ran a 5,000 on the track and it reminded me of how much I truly enjoy racing on the track.  I checked over the entry form for the NE’s and found that there was no 10,000.  I find the 5,000 to be an all-out sprint and was really hoping to find a 10,000 as the final race leading up to Mt Washington.  I spoke with Steve Vaitones and he agreed to host a 10,000 if I could get 6 guys to enter.  We’ll the race is now a definite event!  11:00AM at Regis College.  If you are interested in racing on the track check out:

I’ve only run the 10,000 on the track nine times and haven’t done one in nearly 20 years (1992).  I’m looking forward to taking a shot at my master’s PR (34:28 @ James Joyce) and tuning up for the main focus of my training (Mt Washington).

My history of 10,000 on the track

04/19/84 - BC Relays 30:12 splits: 444/450/449/450/452/456/70 (1st Sapienza 28:55)
05/05/84 – Eastern’s @ New Britain, CT 1st place in 31:19 (Windy, ran with Wayne Levy –Umass, then kicked)
05/25/84 – D2 National Champs @ Cape Girardeau, MO – 3rd place in 30:39.1 (90+ degrees)
04/18/85 – BC Relays 29:48.2 – 7th place, splits: 445/448/447/446/446/452
05/24/85 – D2 National Champs @ Los Angeles, CA 7th in 30:16.4 (missed All-American by 1 place)
04/23/87 – Penn Relays – 11th place in 29:25. Splits: 439/442/439/442/448/447/68.  Hodge 3rd in 28:29
05/22/87 – D2 National Champs @ Cape Girardeau, MO – 6th place in 29:54.1 (80+ degrees) Splits: 443/444/448/451/454/447/67
04/28/88 – Penn Relays - 29:20.0  Windy rain 50’s Splits: 433/444/440/442/447/446. (1st Bickford 2805)
05/24/92 – Twilight Invite @ Dedham, MA – 7th place in 29:26.7 Splits: 438/442/443/445/446/444/68

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