Thursday, May 19, 2011


Track Workout – 05-17-11

What a great afternoon for a track workout!  I actually broke out the light gloves to wear during this one.  Drizzle and 40 degree temperatures meant that Craig would be wearing multiple layers during the workout (but oddly not wearing gloves).  We hit the track a day early due to work constraints for both me and Craig.  This was our second time doing the 3 x 1 Km workout and it felt a lot better than last week despite being quite a bit quicker.  Dan led the first one but then bailed due to stomach issues.  I led the second one and had to pick it up a bit in the last 200, because we slowed up down the front straight when we nearly ran into the entire PA track team doing drills.  It’s their track and we are guests so no complaints from me.  Actually one of the kids said “nice workout” when we finished.  That made my day!  Anyway, Craig led the last one and ran a nice even (fast) pace.  All in all it was a very good workout and I’m finally starting to gain some confidence.

3 x 1,000 meters with 600 meters rest
3:13.5 (77.4 400m pace)
3:14.0 (77.6 400m pace)
3:12.5 (77.0 400m pace)

 The last time I ran this workout this fast was almost exactly 3 years ago (05-15-08) with Dave Quintal and Dan.  Almost exactly the same times - 3:15.3/3:14.3/3:12.6.  I went on to run my 40+ PR at Mt Washington that year (1:09:08), so maybe that is a good sign.

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