Friday, May 6, 2011

USATF NE 6km championships

6km (3.72 miles) is a very unusual distance.  This weekend I’ll be running only my 4th 6km ever, and if I have my choice it’ll be my last J  Basically a 6k is a very long 5k race!  Strategy for me is to go as hard as I can for as long as possible, for me it feels like an all-out sprint.  I don’t like 5k’s and 6k is just ugly.  Anyway…I’m looking forward to testing myself against the best in New England up in Nashua NH on Sunday.  Last time the 6k distance was contested as part of the USATF NE grand prix I managed 48th place overall and 13th in the 40+.  I’ll be hard pressed to top that, although my goal will be a faster time than my 20:22 from that day.

Good luck to everyone racing on Sunday, but especially to my mom who will be out there as well!

131' climb
My 6km history
05/07/05 Wakefield, MA 21:24 – 8th place at the Rotary 6K
05/11/08 Nashua, NH 20:22 for 48th place at the USATF NE Medical Center (520/535/525/402)
02/13/10 Haverhill, MA 21:04 for 3rd place at the Bradford Valentines 6k (probably short)     

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