Wednesday, June 8, 2011


I had a really vivid dream about zombies (a common theme for me to dream about) last night. 
It not only had zombies but also took place at the Rhody 5k and had one of the best Jim Johnson quotes of the year.  I was watching some zombies shuffle across the finish line and mentioned to JJ that they had run pretty decent times for zombies.  JJ noted "being a zombie is no excuse for a slow time" and I said "a zombie is never going to break an hour" to which Jim responded "not with that attitude".  I laughed in the dream which woke me up.
Zombie Dave says "brains!"


DoubleJ said...

you know, being a dream in your head, this technically would be your quote :)... good stuff though :)

mueblerunner said...

Is she a zombie?