Sunday, July 10, 2011

Week Ending 07-10-11

Another week and I don't feel like I'm getting any better.  Really starting to worry about the trip to Colorado in 10 days...

M - AM 30 minute water run with Petey, then slow 6m on the rail trail in 50:58 (calf sux)
T - Lunch 4m in 29:42, PM physical therapy then 5m at Winnekenni in 37:32
W - Lunch 4m in 28:07, PM Winni 5 plus Basin loop for 6m with Dan in 45:52
Th - 430am Industrial park 5 in 37:48, Lunch at the River out/back 5 in 37:09
F - Early run at Winni 5+basin in 42:48...felt great for 5.5 then calf almost spasmed.  PM bike 30 min.
S -  30 min. water run with Petey, into 5m (10 min. w Pete) in 44:26, later another nice relaxing 3m in 26:51, then bike 30 min.
S - 30 min. water run with Petey, into 5m (15 min. w Pete) in 43:22, later out/back out/back out/back (really!) 3m at home in 23:46 which felt pretty good, then 30 min on the bike.

Week - 57 miles + 1:30 water running + 1:30 bike
Month - 88
Year - 1,925
Life - 112,126
Injury cartoon that I like


GZ said...

Colorado? What brings you here?

double-d said...

Morse and I are headed out to hit the highest point in CO, NE, KS, and OK. We'll also hit some tri-state points and a couple of county high points.