Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Lemkin 5k

Running 100 miles for the week and doing a mountain run the day before the 5k probably wasn’t the best way to prepare to race.  My goal race for this month is the Thanksgiving race at Pipestave so I wasn’t really concerned about having a big week and racing “tired”.

I headed out to run the course as a warm-up and memories from my many years of running in Lowell ran through my mind.  The course was reasonably nice, with a large percentage of it along the Merrimack River.  It was also pretty flat (only 90’ of total climb).  Although there was a breeze it seemed to mostly be a cross-wind. 

I did three miles and noticed that my quads were a bit sore from the 2,100’ of climb/descent from the previous day.  My hip/groin was also still fairly sore; it has been bothering me for three weeks.  Hey, having only a couple of things that hurt is actually pretty good!  I changed into racing flats and headed out for another mile with some strides thrown in.  I felt a bit tired but by the last acceleration I felt like I was moving well and actually felt pretty good. 

I headed over to the start, right on the main street (Merrimack St) in downtown Lowell.  The Greater Lowell Road Runners were doing the timing and scoring and they don’t mess around.  We got a couple of quick instructions and off we went.  I went out fast but not the all-out sprint that was the first ¼ mile at the Portland race.  One guy went out quickly and I got into his slipstream.  By the time we reached the ½ mile I’d moved into the lead.  From that point on I tried to push as hard as I could.

Being familiar with the course certainly helped me to concentrate and pay out my effort over the entire 5k.  I hit the “mile” in 4:55 and decided there was no need to look at the rest of the splits because there was no way I’d gone out in 4:55.  I heard after the race that the mile mark was at .92 which works out just about right for my time.  Anyway, I worked the slight uphill to the
University Ave
Bridge then tried to work even more on the downhill.  I kept convincing myself to push “just a little longer” and “get to the corner and see how you feel”.  I was using the same old mental tricks to keep working hard.  In the final mile I convinced myself to not sneak a peek back until there was less than 3:00 to go.  I took the penultimate turn and look over my shoulder.  I figured I had 20-30 seconds lead with ½ mile to go.  I kept at it working right to the finish, hoping to get a sub-17 for the effort.  I’m always amazed at how fast the clock moves once you can see it.  I crossed the line in first at 16:51.

I made my way over to change shoes and was amazed to see Kara blasting to a new course record.  Not only did she run VERY fast, she made it seem very easy.  I headed back out on the course to thank some of the volunteers and cheer on everyone.  I wanted to put in 4 miles so that I’d get 100 miles for the week so I headed out on the River walk on both sides of the Merrimack.  I was truly amazed at the scenic places you can run in Lowell.  Now its time to ease back a bit and hopefully pop off a couple of fast races.

9th Annual Marcia Lemkin 5K
JFK Plaza,
Arcand Drive
Lowell, MA
10:00 AM  November 20, 2011
Sunny 55 degrees

Place Name                No.
Div/Tot Ag Div   City       St
Time    Pace 
===== =================== === ======= == ===== ========== == ======= =====
    1 Dave Dunham         446   1/18  47 M4049 Bradford   MA   16:51  5:26
    2 Frank Klemovitch    422   1/15  32 M3039 Arlington  MA   17:23  5:36
    3 Kara Haas           423   1/33  41 F4049 Chelmsford MA   17:35  5:40
    4 EJ Hrynowski        300   2/18  48 M4049 Arlington  MA   17:42  5:42
    5 Matthew Valli       129   1/8   23 M2029 Newbury    MA   18:04  5:49
    6 Dalmo Silva         135   3/18  47 M4049 Haverhill  MA   18:17  5:53
    7 Jeff Ferreira       449   4/18  47 M4049 Ipswich    MA   18:31  5:58
    8 Eric Mottram        301   2/15  39 M3039 Groton     MA   18:46  6:03
    9 Thomas Szumita      441   3/15  37 M3039 Newton     MA   18:54  6:05
   10 Melissa Donais      445   1/27  27 F2029 Andover    MA   19:06  6:09
Course map:
DRC members waiting for the awards

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