Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Race stats

Races by location

You know I love stats!  My race in Lowell this past weekend was the 76th time I’ve raced in the “Mill City” (Lowell was America’s first planned industrial city).  This far and away leads my list of races by location.  I’ve listed the top 11 below and it is pretty obvious there is a bias towards Merrimack Valley locales.  Not surprising since I grew up in Billerica, went to college in Lowell (and lived there for a bunch of years) and settled in Haverhill.  I’m not saying that racing is better in the Merrimack Valley, but…

Rank      Location            St         # Raced             Notes
1           Lowell               MA            76        
2          Boston               MA            55                     Many XC races at Franklin Park
3          Andover             MA            44        
4          Worcester         MA            32                     18 of these are CMS weekly series
5          Methuen            MA            29                     Mostly indoor track meets
6          Billerica            MA            28        
7          Newburyport     MA            27        
8          Tewksbury        MA            25                     A bunch of Fudge-series races
9          Chelmsford       MA            24        
10         Greens Grant    NH            23                     22 of these are Mt Washington
11         Haverhill           MA            20        


Michael said...

What's the 23rd race at Greens Grant?

double-d said...

23 was the NH state snowshoe championships.