Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Track workout

Ken Tripp and I met up for a track workout today.  I got a total of 16 miles in for the day with 5 at 4:30 am,  at lunch, then 7 for the workout.

We met up at the Amesbury track and did a 2 mile warm-up with some strides.  Ken was a little tentative having done a 4 mile tempo run at 5:40 pace earlier in the day.  He wasn't worried about another workout because my workouts are always short...I've found if I do more than two miles of speed I get hurt.  So, I don't do more than two miles.

We alternated leading laps and were aiming to run "around 80 seconds" per 400.  Conditions at the track were pretty ideal, the only drawback was having to go wide on one straight due to football gear on the track.

Our times were:
Warm-up - 15:18
K - 3:16.7
600 rest - 3:01
K - 3:14.6
600 rest - 3:03
K - 3:14.3
600 rest - 3:05
Warm-down - 14:12

So far my calf feels good.  Hoping for a long run on Friday and then race 5k on Sunday.

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