Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Earliest Sunset

We still have another week until the “shortest day” but as of today we start having a later sunset!  Yesterday’s sunset was at its earliest (4:10 PM) which it had been since December 6th, the daylight hours were shorter because of a later sunrise.  Since I run well before sunrise I don’t really care about what time sunrise is but running in the woods after work means paying attention to sunset times (it is also a well known fact that Zombie activity is much higher during nighttime hours and my opposition to Zombies is well documented).

So here’s to the later sunsets!  By December 31 the sunset will be 10 minutes later (4:20 PM) which at current running pace means an extra mile (or so) of running.


1 comment:

Mike Quintal said...

watch out, zombies are always doing the 8 mile out and back in Winni around 4-5 o'clock.