Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Looking back

15 Years ago
I only raced once in December of 1996 but it was one of my better races to date.  I headed down to Huntsville Alabama for the Rocket City Marathon which I’d run a couple of times before.  I started “slowly” in a pack of 15 runners for the first 5 then into the top 10 by the ½ marathon.  I moved into the top 5 at 16 and although I “bonked” at 21 miles I was able to keep an even pace and take 2nd place overall in 2:19:50.  I ran very even with the first half covered in 69:51 and the second 13.1 miles in 69:59 which makes that the most even I’d ever run a marathon.  This ranks as my second fastest marathon.  Dan had an excellent run with his 2:22:38 and Dave Weatherbie closed out the CMS scoring with a 2:36.

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