Friday, December 9, 2011

USATF convention - part 2

The Convention (day 2)
On Friday we did an early morning run (sunrise) along the Mississippi River.  The River Trail was a trail in name only.  Mostly it was just the paved road with a painted lane for biking.  It was flat which was what I needed with my balky calf.  Richard noted that it was definitely “a working riverfront”.  The most scenic part of the run had to be the finish under the Gateway Arch and the historic courthouse. 

In between meetings we took a short drive out to the St Louis zoo and the large park that had some great paths around it.  We got some running in on crushed stone and some paved bike path.  My calf was not happy and I was icing it every spare moment.  After our run we drove to the St Louis city high point. The city is its own county so we had a city and county high point rolled into one.  It was located in a small park not too far from the zoo.  We spent all of 2 minutes at the HP taking a couple of pictures.  Then it was back for more meetings.
Richard at the county high point
Action Dave meets Olympic gold medalist Jon Drummond

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