Thursday, December 8, 2011

USATF convention - part 1

The Convention (day 1)

I’ve been going to the USATF convention off and on since 1992 or so.  This year the convention was held on the traditional first weekend in December in St Louis Missouri.  As with any trip I go on, during the planning phase I worked on some unusual locations to visit.  For this trip I located a bunch of parks and trails and a few County High points to visit.
Paul in a rare moment on the computer :-)

The last couple of years Richard Bolt (now living in CA) and Paul Kirsch have joined me in whatever I came up with to visit.  Paul and I arrived on Thursday and headed out right from the airport to visit the St Louis County high point.  This was just a “drive up” and the trails in the area were a bit too hilly for me as I was nursing a tender calf/Achilles.  After “bagging” the 900’ high point (we climbed about 5’) we headed to the Chubb Trail which was located in a big park and had a flat section along a railroad and scenic river.
St Louis County High Point
Heh, heh, you said "Chubb" trail

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