Sunday, February 19, 2012

USATF New England Track championships

I decided to do the USATF NE track champs when the snowshoe weekend was cancelled due to a lack of snow.  The trick was figuring out what to run.  There were a couple of masters races and I didn't really want to do the 5,000 so I decided on an unusual triple.  I signed up for the masters 800m, masters 200m and the open 3,000m.  My primary goal was to not get hurt, after that I was hoping for 40+ personal bests at the 800 and 200. 

I headed out early in the morn and did an easy 4 miles which was a great way to chew up a little of the morning.  Dan joined me and we headed to Harvard, arriving as the first event of the day was starting (the 5,000).  It was fun watching the CMS guys racing but I was also a bundle of nerves.  Last time I ran at Harvard was just a bit over 25 years ago when I ran an 8:52 for 2 miles.  I was hoping my 200 would be at the same pace!

I headed out for a three mile warm-up and Sam Wood joined me and we did a scenic run along the Charles River.  I did another mile with strides and then another mile of easy jogging on the infield waiting for the 800.  There was only one heat for the masters and I was looking to run faster than I did at Dartmouth earlier this year (2:26).  I felt good heading out and hit the short first lap (220 yard track) in 34.1, I tried to move into second during the second lap but was held off as I hit a 37.3 for the next full lap.  I kept working and the thrid lap was another 37.3, and then I moved into 2nd and closed with a 35.8 for a 2:24.54 masters PR.

Just about to make my move
Next up was the 200, which was the next event on the track.  I changed from t-shirt to "speed-suit" and did an easy mile on the infield.  I followed this with another easy 1/2 mile and it was time to get on the track again.  I drew the inside lane, which was good for me on the very high banked track.  Everyone shot out and was out of sight in the first 100.  The field basically all crossed the line as I hit the final straight away.  I gave it my all and crossed in 33.06 (a 40+ PR and the first time I've EVER run in an official 200m race).

All I can say is "I'm glad we didn't use starting blocks".
With a little more time before the 3,000 I headed out for 2 miles looping around the Harvard Stadium.  I got back inside as the final heat of the women's 3k finished.  I was in the third heat of the 3,000 so I had another 20 minutes.  I did another easy mile on the infield and tried to just relax.  I did another 1/2 mile or so just moving enough to stay loose.

Boom, it was time to go and I felt tired.  I was in dead-last right away and stayed there for most of the race.  It took me a bit to get going (I had hoped to run 39 seconds per lap).  After the mile I was steadily clicking off 39's and closed and on 3 I guys.  I passed them all but got passed back in the last 100.  I was pleased to hit 9:50.73 for the 3,000...anything under 10 would be fine and I thought if I had a great day I might manage a 9:45.

All in all it was a fun day, there were a lot of races to watch and I got in some decent runs.  I'm really looking forward to running the 10 mile next week and hope to kick off the Road Running Grand Prix with a 40+ PR.

3,000 splits
40.5 - 1:20.9
39.9 - 2:00.8
39.1 - 2:39.9
39.1 - 3:19.0
39.7 - 3:58.7
39.4 - 4:38.1
39.9 - 5:18.0
39.9 - 5:57.9
39.8 - 6:37.8
39.7 - 7:17.5
40.3 - 7:57.8
39.7 - 8:37.5
39.4 - 9:16.9
33.83 - 9:50.73 (short last lap - splits were for 220 yards)

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Jeff Goupil said...

Nice races! you running DH Jones this weekend?